Massoud warns of looming crisis amid persistent tensions over elections

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KABUL: The former senior presidential adviser for reforms and good governance and member of the Grand National Coalition Ahmad Zia Massoud has warned that the persistent tensions over the elections could drag the country towards a major crisis.

Speaking during a press conference in Kabul, Massoud said the confrontation between the political parties and the government over elections could take the country towards a crisis.

He said the political parties are not willing to engage in a fight with the government and only demand transparent elections and reforms in the electoral commissions.

He said the government has not responded positively to the demands of the political parties and warned that all election offices would be closed if their demands are not met. Massoud also added that the security situation of the country could further deteriorate if the elections are organized without considering the demands of the political parties.

He also demanded the immediate release of the protesters who have been arrested during the protests in western Herat province.

This comes as another member of the coalition, Ata Mohammad Noor, issued a statement earlier on Monday claiming that a number o the sit-in protesters belonging to the Grand National Coalition have been illegally arrested by the security forces in Herat province.

In an apparent gesture towards public uprisings, Noor said the government would face an ‘unprecedented wave’ from the people if their colleagues are not immediately released.

The Grand National Coalition, consisting of political parties, has closed the offices of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in three provinces, including western Herat province.

The supporters of the coalition have said the step was taken after the government and the election commission failed to positively respond to their demands.

They have also warned that the election offices in other provinces will also be closed if the government and election commission did not respond positively to their demands.




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