Match-fixing case Saleem Malik satisfied with verdict

Match-fixing case: Saleem Malik satisfied with verdict

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LAHORE: Pakistan’s former captain Saleem Malik, while talking in a press conference in Lahore on Tuesday with his lawyer Saud Cheema, expressed his satisfaction with the independent adjudicator’s verdict in the match-fixing case.

Former Lahore High Court Judge, Mr Justice (retired) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan, in his capacity as an independent adjudicator, on Monday had announced his judgement in Saleem Malik’s appeal in relation to his plea that PCB should issue a Clearance Certificate in his favour.

“The appeal in hand is disposed of holding that PCB shall not use the transcripts dated 25-5-2000 against the appellant (Saleem Malik) without verifying the same against original tapes. PCB is further directed to decide the application of the appellant (Saleem Malik) for the post of batting coach, either way,” Justice Chauhan wrote in his 11-page judgement.

While sharing his thoughts on the decision, the 57-year-old, Malik, claimed that he has received job offers from various associate member countries.

“I have never asked the current PCB management for a job nor will I ever. My point of view was proved right as far as the transcripts are concerned. The board is beating around the bush rather than talking about the verdict. We had claimed in our appeal that the PCB was handling our case according to the transcripts provided by the ICC. The transcripts were baseless. The judge accepted our case in this regard. I have job offers from associate member countries. I will bring these offers to the board. I will then see what the PCB says,” Malik said.

“What was wrong with my attitude? I just wanted a means to earn an honest living. Did the board want me to bring a character certificate from the police? If the PCB does not cooperate then I have the option of approaching the country’s courts,” he added.

Meanwhile, Malik’s lawyer Saud Cheema stated that the former cricketer had never been given a life ban and this was a common misconception.

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