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Mayuresh of Commission Junction taken to court

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Arlington, Virginia: Mayuresh Kshetramade, Chief Executive Officer of Commission Junction is taken to court in Arlington Virginia.

Muhammad filed case number 013GV2100203600 against Mayuresh Kshetramade claiming that the company owes him remaining payment and that Commission Junction is involved in practice of business prejudice, under leadership of Mayuresh.

While talking to The Frontier Post, Muhammad said that he had given Commission Junction business of over one million dollars in few months but Commission Junction paid partial payment and closed his business account while giving no satisfactory reason.

“I personally think Commission Junction and its staff is involved in unethical practices and that they want to earn money for themselves while fooling advertisers and publishers” Muhammad added.

Muhammad further said that he tried to contact several senior staffers of Commission Junction to talk about his balance amount and his account closure but he was not successful to get somebody to talk to over the phone and explain his concerns.

It is pertinent to mention here that Commission Junction is among the leading platforms for affiliate marketing along with Impact, Maxbounty and Rakuten Advertising.

These platforms provide network of clients who sells their products on different websites. Both the publishers and platforms earn commission when product’s of companies are sold.

Muhammad said that after selling products worth more than a million dollar and then not being able to talk to the company is very unprofessional approach. He said that “they don’t even have phone number for support related issues.”

While talking to an IT professional Javed Hamayun, he said that this is a very interesting case and many companies will be looking at this from online sales point of view. “It is strange to close a publisher account without giving any solid reason and not communicating with them” Javed added.

While talking to an e-commerce expert in Washington DC, he said that Google Adsense business has dropped tremendously but online sales of businesses have improved a lot in Covid times, so platforms for online sales needs to come with more professional approach to deal with publishers.

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