Measles outbreak kills over 900 in Madagascar

DAKAR (AA): Over 900 people have died due to a measles outbreak in Madagascar, the UN children’s agency UNICEF said in a statement. According to the statement issued on Friday, 76,871 people were infected by measles from Sep. 3 to Feb. 21. Among the infected people, 928 have died, a majority of whom were children.

“Over 2 million children were immunized in 25 districts. In February, 1.4 million children were vaccinated, with another 3.9 million more to follow in March,” the statement said.

The fact that measles vaccination is not mandatory in Madagascar makes it difficult to reach a large number of children. Fever, malaise, cough, nasal discharge, redness of the eyes, diarrhea, and rashes are symptoms of measles. The disease can cause ear infection and brain damage, as well as death.