Mehwish Hayat urges ITunes to mark Coke Studio as Pakistani

KARACHI (Web Desk): Renowned Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat called out iTunes and Apple Music for classifying Pakistani Coke Studio as “Indian pop, Asian or worldwide”.

iTunes is a software program that acts as a media player, media library, mobile device management utility, and client app for the iTunes Store. Meanwhile, Apple Music is a service that provides music, audio and video streaming service developed by Apple.

Taking to Twitter, Mehwish said that Coke Studio, which is a Pakistani platform that brings together some of the finest singers, musicians and composers to celebrate the musical heritage is classified as “Indian pop”.

Apart from that, it is also categorised as “worldwide” or “Asia”.

“Just noticed iTunes/Apple music – music portal classifies our Coke Studio Pakistan as “Indian Pop”. Other episodes are ‘Worldwide’ or ‘Asia’- anything but ‘Pakistani’,” wrote Mehwish.

The actress said that Coke Studio is a Pakistani success and that Pakistani music deserves to be recognised.

Social media users appreciated Mehwish for raising her voice over the issue.