Memorial held for victims of
Kaaj Educational Center attack

KABUL (TOLOnews): A gathering was held in the Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul to mourn the victims of the Kaaj educational center.
The gathering was attended by teachers and students who vowed that nothing could stop them from continuing in academic work.
The gathering was hosted by the Partaw Library.
“Today, we have gathered to mourn the martyrs and to encourage the rest of the (students) to continue with their education and to not give up, despite such attacks,” said Abdul Hussein, head of the library.
The teachers who participated in the gathering encouraged the students to continue their education.
“In Islamic ideology, the main secret of success of each nation, each school and each movement is knowledge,” said Aslam Mawoodi, a teacher.
Meanwhile, some of the students said that attacks on educational centers will not prevent them from accessing education. However, they called on the government to provide security for the educational centers.
“We, those remaining after the Kaaj attack, will continue and will rise again,” said Sudaba, a student. “The Islamic Emirate should provide security at the educational centers and schools so we can provide good services to the society,” said Raza, a student.
Last Friday, a suicide bomber targeted the Kaaj educational center in PD 13 of Kabul.
The Ministry of Interior confirmed the death of 25 people in the attack. More than 30 people were wounded, according to the ministry.