Men involved in attempted murder of eunuchs arrested

Men involved in attempted murder of eunuchs arrested

F.P. Report

KOHAT: The Kohat police have arrested two alleged assassins involved in armed attack on two eunuchs on 30th of last month here on Wednesday.

Police spokesman SHO Fayyaz Khan said the arrested accused had shot wounded two eunuchs named Hamdullah known as Baby, resident of Mardan and Afghan refugee Farman known as Gaduray. The spokesman further said that following directives of Regional Police Officer HafeezCheema and DPO Kohat Captain (R) Wahid Mehmood a team under supervision of DSP Alamzeb Khan initiated investigation in attempted murder case of two eunuchs and today succeeded to arresting two alleged assassins.

SHO Fayaz Khan revealed that the uncle of eunuch Farman, Haji Nawab now in custody of police had hired professional killers to kill Farman, because, Nawab was ashamed of his eunuch nephew and wanted to kill him for honor. For murder of Farman, his uncle had paid half a million rupees to professional killers at that time.

The hired assassins however informed eunuch Farman that he should leave the city as his uncle wants to kill him. The assassins then falsely told eunuch’s uncle that Farman has been killed in Peshawar. The spokesman further said that last month eunuchs in Kohat staged a protest against police in which Farman had also participated. He said the video of eunuch’s protest was posted on social media through which Haji Nawab came to know that his eunuch nephew Farman is still alive.

Angry Haji Nawab, a businessman of Peshawar then hired another alleged professional killer Wahid resident of Tehkal Peshawar who was also a friend of eunuch Farman. He said Wahid along with his two accomplices came to Kohat and started observing movement of eunuch Farman for few days and finally launched an armed attack on him in which Farman and Hamdullah were injured. SHO Fayyaz further added that police are making serious efforts to arrest two accomplices of alleged assassin Wahid who is now in custody of police here in Kohat.

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