Mental health awareness

Nida Nawaz

Changing the mind set of people by removing the stress or illness that they cannot do anything or that they are good for nothing and making their attitude as “can do” attitude of not only the youngsters but for all ages of people of Pakistan.

Let’s talk about depression the most widespread illness present almost in every individual not only the youngsters but in all ages of people depression is a common and serious mental illness that affects a person’s ability to perform at home or work the main reasons behind the increase rate of depression day by day are the unemployment, intolerance, insecurity, stress and social isolation. The main reason for this in our society is lack of awareness regarding the importance of mental health we have to aware people that people should not feel to be ashamed of it if they are facing any kind of depression or mental illness.


People need to be aware that mental health issues cannot be ignored. EDUCATE yourself on these issues INSPIRE others don’t be afraid to talk about it MOTIVATE them if you know someone is battling against any mental illness motivate them Start with changing our mindset to thinking of mental issues as like any other illness. Respect someone’s mental illness whether it’s clinically diagnosed or not. The government needs to take steps towards solving these issues and need to bring their focus towards mental health.

let’s do it together!!


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