Metro was made to accumulate more wealth, Imran blames

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chiarman Imran Khan said on Friday, that much like other projects launched by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government, the Multan Metro was also made by the Sharifs to siphon more wealth from the commission.

In a tweet, Imran contended that the plan of Multan Metro was a money-making ploy and he witnessed this when he interacted with the residents of Multan, who also testified to his views.

What I also saw and what was confirmed to me by the people of Multan yesterday was the fact that the Multan Metro project, like the other Metros, was to enrich the Sharifs through huge kickbacks rather than for the benefit of the people of Multan.

He said that the residents lamented that this project was not laid down to facilitate the citizens but to inflate the riches of the Sharifs.

It must be noted that Imran visited membership camps in Multan on Thursday. During his visit, he tweeted that the Multan Metro is a ‘white elephant’ for the city. Lacking significant infrastructure or any visible volume of passengers.

As I went around our membership camps in Multan city today I realised what a white elephant the Multan Metro is – hardly any buses & even fewer passengers. The project will need major subsidies to survive.

Terming the project as more of an inconvenience than a facility as it is fueled by huge sums of subsidies and is therefore not sustainable. Imran said that the project was constructed just an intermediary for sending money to offshore accounts not to serve public interest.

On Tuesday, a shoe was hurled at PTI chairperson Imran Khan that missed its target and instead landed on PTI leader Aleem Khan’s chest, during a public rally in Gujrat on Tuesday.

This was the second such attempt to attack the PTI chief as a man was beaten up and handed over to police for allegedly trying to throw a shoe at the PTI chief as he was getting into his vehicle to leave the venue for a political rally he addressed in Faisalabad just two days ago.