MI6 and Group of Four

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The British Spy Chief, Richard Moore appeared at renowned London based think tank the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) on Monday and shared his views regarding the challenges posed by the group of four to his country in particular and the world in general. He also discussed the working of British Secret Service SIS commonly known as MI6 during his speech. According to Richard Moore, there are big four elements including Russia, China, Iran and the international terrorism, which are posing threat to global peace and stability and have capabilities to effect the global security landscape by their actions. While mining details of the above mentioned threats he said that a large part of the UK’s security and prosperity is tied up with China’s actions and policies. There are lots of avenues for cooperation however the Chinese authoritarian regime has different values from Britain’s. According to Moore, Beijing’s growing military strength and the Party’s desire to resolve the issues of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang by force, poses a serious challenge to global peace. While discussing Russia’s resurgence, MI6 Chief was of the view that Russia is recklessly using chemical and Cyber-attacks against opponents and creating instability in the Western Balkans through political proxies. Moore termed Iran’s nexuses with militant groups in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and broader Gulf region as a threat to regional peace. According to him, Iran’s cyber capability and nuclear program is a grave challenge to regional peace and western interests including Israel. Moore counted the transnational Terrorist networks as fourth element which poses threat to global peace.
While highlighting his strategy, English Spy Chief said that his agency is pursuing partnerships with the tech community to help develop world-class technologies to solve mission problems. According to him, successful transformation and modernization of the agency, expansion in its secret human relationships and digital skills, partnership with masters of technologies to compete with adversaries and induction of talented officers are on the top of his manifesto to harness the organization to cope up with the challenges of the 21st century.
Richard Moore is a professional Spy who had spent nearly four decades of his life in the intelligence business. Moore rightly diagnosed the challenges posed by the different elements to the security and stability of his country and the world. His intelligence doctrine to deal with these challenges is highly thoughtful and comprehensive and likely to produce good results if implemented in true spirit. However, Moore ignored the other side of the picture which represents different elements affecting global stability such as the UK and its allies exploiting the internal affairs of other countries to establish their dominance in the world, while Western interference in the Middle East and Africa gave birth to militancy in those regions. Whereas Iran is being restricted from the right of peaceful use of nuclear energy. The rivals are accusing the UK and its allies of implementing their global agenda in other countries in the name of democracy and human rights which is causing great threat to world peace and stability. There are different views on different global issues, however if Moore and his friend Burns pause their secret relationships with dissidents of other nations the world will become a heaven on earth.

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