MI6 chief remarks irk Russian Inte’l service

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MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): After provocative and baseless statements by the head of British intelligence, Ric-hard Moore, about alleged threats emanating from R-ussia, the atmosphere of a possible Russian-British di-alogue at the level of intelligence services has been l-argely spoiled, the press bu-reau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said in a statement.
Britain sees serious thre-ats from Russia, British in-telligence chief MI6 Ric-hard Moore said on Tues-day in his first major public appearance since taking office in October 2020. Lo-ndon will do its best to “co-ntain and repel the entire spectrum of threats from Moscow,” Moore said.
“After such provocative, groundless insinuations about Moscow ‘s aggressive policy against Kiev, cyberattacks, imposed on teeth, etc., the atmosphere of a possible dialogue is largely spoiled,” the SVR press bureau points out.
“From the head of the world ‘s most authoritative intelligence, such as MI6, we have the right to count on greater professionalism, an objective and dispassionate approach to assessing and presenting the British position on regional and international problems,” the statement says.
Until the 1980s of the last century, the British authorities generally denied the very existence of their foreign intelligence service of the MI6 country, recalls the SVR.
“James Bond does not count, he is a child of Hollywood. Apart from small splashes, the leadership of British intelligence tried to avoid public communication with the press, and even more loud political statements. And here you are: unexpectedly on the last day of autumn, the relatively recently appointed head of MI6, Moore gave a lengthy speech at the International Institute for Strategic Studies,” the statement said.
“With bated breath, pol-itical scientists of all countries were expecting spy revelations about Moscow’s plans to reorganize the w-orld. And what do you t-hink: chewed, chewed, un-confirmed and unproven a-ssumptions of London: Sa-lisbury,” Russia’s interference in democratic processes in Europe “, military campaigns in Africa and Syria, Navalny, the Solar-Winds cyber invasion attr-ibuted to the Russian Fo-reign Intelligence Servi-ce, Moscow’s role in the collapse of Ukraine. What k-ind of dialogue are we talking about?”- notes the SVR.
Moscow has repeatedly emphasized that Russia does not threaten anyone and is not going to attack anyone, called such reproaches absolutely groundless and noted that statements about “Russian aggression” are being used as an excuse to deploy more NATO military equipment near Russian borders.

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