Microsoft introduces AR-based Minecraft game

Microsoft introduces AR-based Minecraft game

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CALIFORNIA: After a series of testing, Microsoft has officially revealed a beta version of one of the most influential survival games, Minecraft, in Augmented Reality (AR).

Titled, Minecraft Earth, the game is free to play on iOS and Android. Gamers can explore the real world and go on adventures to find treasure chests or mobs which the company has nicknamed “Tappables” all the while placing blocks in a full Minecraft-like area.

Variety of mobs and variants is something to look for in Minecraft Earth as the developers also promise multiplayer.

Gamers can build permanent structures on Build Plates which will let them make small environments on tabletops or expand them to life-size scale when placed on grounds.

A closed beta is scheduled for this summer, those interested in exploring the AR-driven Minecraft can sign-up through the official site.

In a FAQ, Microsoft says that Minecraft Earth will not use loot boxes and addressed the safety concerns.

“We take safety seriously and are taking measures to make Minecraft Earth an enjoyable and reliable experience for all our players,” the FAQ states. “Players and parents will be able to use Account Management to adjust safety and privacy settings. A reporting system will allow players to report any concerns in-game and on our website. In addition, we will also have a moderation team working 24/7 to manage and respond to reports.”

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