Military action leaves 40 terrorists dead in Ghor

Military action leaves 40 terrorists dead in Ghor

FIROZ KOH CITY (Agencies): As many as 40 anti-government militias were killed during military operation carried out by Afghan security forces in Ghor province.

GhulamNasirKhazae governor of Ghor said, the military operation have launched to annihilate armed oppositions and ensure peace and stability in Baidan region, FirozKoh city the provincial capital of Ghor province, in which 40 rebels were killed and eight others were wounded.

Momin known as Akrama and Annas two local commanders of Taliban group were among the dead, the source added.

Meanwhile, five local up-risers forces supporting government were wounded during the military operation, Khazae further added.

According to another report, a child and a man lost their lives and a woman was injured following a mine blast took place in FirozKoh city of Ghor province.

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