Military affairs expert Zalmai Wardak killed

Military affairs expert Zalmai Wardak killed

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KABUL: Military affairs expert General Zalmai Wardak has been killed by unknown assailants in Kat-i-Parwan area of central capital Kabul, police said on Friday.

The gunmen broke into Wardak’s house in the limits of the second police district of Kabul and killed him before fleeing, said Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai.

He said police were investigating the incident.

Born in 1953, Zalmai Wardak, son of General Abdul Ali Wardak, completed his high graduation from Nadaria high school in Kabul. He graduated from the Kabul military academy in 1979 and served on various positions in the military.

During the former Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, Zalmai Wardak fought alongside the mujahideen. After the jihad, Wardak went to the United States for higher education.

On return from the US, Zalmai Wardak was appointed as an Afghan diplomat in Czechoslovakia.

After the formation of Hamid Karzai-led interim government, Wardak was first appointed as advisor to the Ministry of Interior in 2003, then deputy counternarcotics minister and then head of DIAG program.

Zalmai Wardak was also a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections from Kabul.


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