Minister called media an important need in system

KABUL (Agencies): Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa acting Minister of Information and Culture chaired a meeting of the Media Violations and Complaints Evaluation Commission called media an important need in the Islamic Emirate system.
The Media violations and complaints evaluation commission assessed a number of media complaints, discussed providing more facilities for the media, solving problems, tax exemptions, providing facilities and those media that spread negative propaganda against Islamic values and the national interests of the country in a meeting chaired by Minister Khairullah Khairkhwa.
During the Meeting, Khairkhwa called media an important need of the system and it was assured that more facilities will be provided to the media within the framework of the law.
During the meeting, it was decided that the media that broadcasts against the facts and the law, will be given an opportunity to organize their activities within the framework of the applicable laws.