Minister seeks justice against ‘war crimes committed’ in Afghanistan

KABUL (TOLOnews): Countries that have committed war crimes in Afghanistan in the last four decades and have killed Afghans under various names should be sent to the International Criminal Court, said Khalil Rahman Haqqani, the Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation.
Addressing an event of aid distribution in Paktia province, Haqqani said that some countries are still trying to create problems for Afghanistan.
“The former Soviet government and all its slaves, whether they are inside the country or outside, America’s NATO, including the countries that destroyed Afghanistan, they are responsible for this today. They should respond to Afghans and should be brought before the international court,” Haqqani stated.
Meanwhile, analysts said that an impartial investigation of war crimes in Afghanistan is essential.
“International courts can bring those countries that have committed war crimes to justice, but most of the countries that have intervened in Afghanistan and came to occupy have some documentations that they have made some protocols with then governments and they have come on the basis of those protocols,” said political analyst Aziz Maarij.
“Sadly, during the past forty years, Afghanistan has been invaded by both regional and other countries. The International Criminal Court has the authority to look into war crime cases involving countries that are United Nations members on a global scale,” said Hamid Aziz Mujaddidi, an analyst in political affairs.
The acting minister of refugees and repatriation said he considers unity among the people essential to support the current government.