Ministry: Fuel prices lowering for consumers in Afghanistan

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Minister of Industry and Commerce said that according to the oil export agreement with Russia, the price of fuel has decreased by 10 percent, and efforts are ongoing to also reduce food prices.
“We are trying to reduce the prices, as you see prices have been decreased for gas, petrol and wheat,” said Akhund Zada Abdulsalam, spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
In recent days the price of oil has decreased by 5 afghani in Kabul markets.
Meanwhile, some residents of Kabul welcomed the decrease in prices and asked officials to reduce the price of oil even more.
“Oil prices have decreased compared with past weeks and months but now it’s better,” said Fakhrulleden, a taxi driver.
“The government has to control the prices because now the prices are different at every pump station,” said Sharif, a driver.
Some fuel sellers said the price is now reduced and the price of one liter of petrol went from 70 to 65 afghanis and the price of one liter of diesel from 80 to 75 afghanis.
“We are happy but if it decreases to 50 afghani that will be good.
Earlier, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry signed an agreement with Russia.