Ministry of Public Health provided with 125 ambulances

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Public Health was provided with 125 ambulances by the National Procurement Authority (NPA).
The ambulances were purchased at the cost of more than $6.5 million from Uzbekistan, according to the NPA.
“125 ambulance have been bought from Uzbekistan that are worth $6,451,612,” said Abdul Rahim Rahimi, head of the NPA.
The ambulances will be provided to those hospitals which are facing a shortage of ambulances to carry out their medical services.
“In this sector, when people are sick, if they get sick at night or (too many) on the same day, or the condition of the roads is bad, or they cannot find a car, we are at their service,” said Rahimi.
The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said that the ambulance will help facilitate services for patients.
“Despite the sanctions, the doctors say that the services that were not done in the past twenty years have been done now,” said Mohammad Ishaq Sahibzada, deputy Minister of MoPH.
The MoPH said that the contract for purchasing 180 ambulances has been signed and that so far 125 of them arrived in Afghanistan.