Ministry of transport terminates license of non-standard companies

Written by The Frontier Post

KABUL (Ariana News): Officials in the Ground Transport Directorate says that most of the transportation companies are not registered in this directorate.

They add that over 850 transportation companies have got the license but soon the license of those companies which are not delivering standard services will be terminated.

“It is two weeks that we have started assessing the transportation companies to terminate the activity of those companies which are not standard. This way the opportunity for the companies which are delivering standard services will be provided to develop,” said Mahdi Rohani, a senior official of the Transport Directorate.

Meanwhile, members of the transportation companies union say that the transportation companies’ services will become standard if the Ministry of Transport to be able to take the measure in action.

“We wanted the transportation companies to be assessed along ago. We hope the assessing of companies to get wider so the sector becomes standard,” said Haji Nazir, deputy of the transportation companies union.

This comes as the economic experts say that the government can earn millions of Afghanis every year if the transport sector gets standard.

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