Ministry signs agreement with Afghan Post

KABUL (Agencies): The Ministry of Higher Education and state-run Afghan Post signed a joint memorandum of understanding at a meeting for education material to be delivered to students across the country.
“Our special consideration is to make it easier for the youth, professors and anyone who is related to the Ministry of Higher Education,” said Neda Mohammad Nadeem, minister of higher education.
Afghan Post also signed separate memorandums of understanding with Ariana Airlines and the General Directorate of Passports to facilitate the delivery of documents. “Afghan Post does its work on time and with full security and transparency,” said Abdul Karim Haseeb, General Director of Passports.
Afghan Post officials also said that they have expanded their services; therefore, they want to sign a memorandum of understanding with various ministries.
Rahmatullah Maki, the general head of Afghan Post stated that with the signing of these memorandums, the work will be done on time and easily for the remote areas of the country.
Currently, Afghan Post has memorandum of understanding with several government institutions and provides postal services to more than 150 countries.