Ministry to make changes at Afghan-Japan hospital

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The Ministry of Public Health said that the government is planning to bring systematic change to a number of hospitals in Kabul where COVID-19 patients are getting medical treatment, including the Afghan-Japan hospital.

“A lot of changes have been made, but these changes are not sufficient; we will make the Afghan-Japan hospital the best hospital, we also plan to prepare Ali Jinnah and Sheikh Zayed hospitals for the COVID-19 patients,” said Wahid Majroh, the deputy Minister of Health for public health services.

On Wednesday, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission issued a report that

Meanwhile, the second installment of medical supplies donated by the Chinese government to Afghanistan was submitted to the Ministry of Public Health with the signing of a memorandum of understanding at Kabul airport on Thursday.

The Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu, said that this shipment was bigger than the first and included “test kits, medical protective masks, surgical masks, protective clothing, protective goggles and temperature guns,” and in total the shipment consisted of “727 boxes weighing 7.2 tons.”

At the signing ceremony, Afghan Minister of Health Ferozuddin Feroz thanked China for its assistance and said that Afghanistan will need more assistance in this difficult time from the region and the international community.

“We are grateful to the assistance provided by China, the assistance is very effective to fight this disease; we need regional and international cooperation and hope that the assistance continues,” said Ferozuddin Feroz. (TOLOnews)