Missing of Baloch MPAs is a sensitive issue, a dangerous game continue in Balochistan: Mandviwalla

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Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Missing of Baloch MPAs is a sensitive issue and the elements involved in this dangerous crime must be identified and brought to justice by the government. It was observed by the PPP Senior Leader and Senator Saleem Mandviwalla along with Senator Taj Haider during a news briefing in Islamabad on Wednesday.
Saleem Mandviwalla was of the view that a dangerous game is being played in Balochistan and the situation in the province is highly condemnable. According to him, it is the duty of Balochistan government to ascertain the truth behind kidnapping of Baloch MPAs during recent days.
Mandviwalla said that the kidnapping of member Assemblies must be come to an end. He noted that political process in Balochistan Assembly must be continuing and should not be obstructed through unpolitical moves by the Provincial government.
Saleem Mandviwalla said that it is common that business of the country is being run through bewitchment/magic and it is not a good phenomenon for government as well as for the country.
According to him, Pakistan Peoples Party has no role in the situation in Balochistan and it must not be blamed for that.
He said Peoples Party has denounced the trend being projected against woman journalist and TV anchor Asma Sherazi in social media by a particular section of the society.
While responding to a media query Mandviwalla said that Party leadership will decide the avenue and time for the protest against unprecedently rising inflation in the country. He denied that PPP Chairman has criticized any TV Channel during recent days. While commenting on recent statement of Governor State Bank regarding positivity of currency devaluation for the country’s economy, Mandviwalla was of the view that this was the unique statement of its kind in which a Bank’s governor appreciates the ruination of the currency being issued through his stamp.
While answering another question regarding performance of NAB, Mandviwalla said that government yet not issued the notification of new Chairman NAB. According to Mandviwalla, issuance of bail order of PPP leader Khursheed Shah is another failure of NAB’s accountability and NAB has nothing to do except rudeness of notables.
According to Saleem Mandviwalla, the law of plea bargain must be abolished from the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) to make the system more transparent and credible. While answering a query, he said that government has reduced the security of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) during recent days, however what message government wants to convey by doing such things is not unthinkable.
While speaking at the occasion, Senator Taj Haider said that government has initiated a war with the institutions which is a dangerous trend. According to him, the government must resolve the issue through amicable means instead of creation of crisis for the country.

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