MoD repairs Indian Cheetal helicopters

KABUL (Tolo News): The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said it has repaired some Cheetal helicopters provided by India to the former government in Afghanistan. The repairing of other choppers that have functioning issues is underway, the Defense Ministry’s spokesman Enayatullah Khawarazmi said.
“We have 60 aircrafts. They were repaired by the engineers and the maintenance team,” he said. Earlier, the Defense Ministry said that 40 out of 80 helicopters had technical issues that mostly happened during the collapse of the former government. “This helicopter was completely broken. Its avionics were broken. We fixed them and they are ready for flight,” said Col. Mohammad Naeem, an Afghan pilot.
Military veterans suggests that the Afghan Air Force should be empowered and that it is important for the country. “The Air Force is an important part for Afghanistan. We cannot defend our country from foreigners’ interference without having an Air Force,” said Asadullah Naeem, a military veteran. Some Kabul said that the military equipment are the national property and therefore, they should be protected.
“This is belonged to the people and it should be maintained properly,” said a Kabul resident. After the collapse of the former government, the Afghan Air Force is said to have suffered severe damages. At least 60 out of aircrafts have been flown to neighboring countries by former security forces who left the country following fall of Kabul, but the Ministry of Defense has stressed on returning the aircrafts from neighboring countries.