Modern age slavery

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The world has celebrated the International day for abolition of the slavery yesterday, while global human rights defenders and civic organizations have warned the governments around the globe that these social vulnerabilities had worsened many times during the age of global calamities including climate change, ongoing pandemic and armed conflicts in various parts of the world. According to the reports of UNICEF and ILO about 80 million children of age 5-17 are subject to the work classified as contemporary slavery. However, there are countless children who are victim of child labour due to poverty and loss of jobs of their parents or family members. According to reports, these conditions provide a suitable recruitment grounds to the militant and terrorist organizations to fulfill their nefarious designs. According to experts, there is one woman in every 130 women subject to contemporary salivary such as child or forced marriage, domestic violence, forced labour and debt bondage. According to experts, the gender inequality lies in the heart of contemporary form of slavery; however such unsocial habits and practices are fuelled by difference in social and economic status, disabilities and sexual orientation.

The international community observes various days annually to commemorate specific rights, privileges, conditions and important events relating to different aspects of human life but all these formalities remain unable to bring significant change in those circumstances or ailments of people of the world. The primeval menace of slavery is still persists in different forms across the globe despite unbelievable development in knowledge and education, provision of resources and availability of advocacy organizations to the people of the world. A tiny fraction of the society has captured all the wealth and resources of the universe while a large chunk of deprived and disadvantaged population is compelled to subdue, to the rich and powerful. The civilized societies had coined new ways of slavery and financial institutions decide the fate of the people while parents are selling their young to satisfy their needs. In fact, the miseries and sufferings of the mankind can’t be resolved without fundamental change in global discriminatory financial and political system.

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