Modern media and its impacts on society

Rahim Haqqani

There is a deep and close relationship between educational curriculum and media (Electronic). Although inter-related and an inter-linked, unfortunately in country like Pakistan every two different departments are engaged in different character buildings. All are travelling in opposite tracks. In developed countries, the students of schools, colleges and universities are well helped and cooperated by all sorts and outlets of media. There is a close resemblance on character building between government and its institutes.

In developed countries brightness between curriculum and educational system could be seen in their social, economic, governmental and especially political lives. For example corruption, robbery, killing and assassination, nepotism and favourtism are lawfully prohibited. They are living in practical world and we just study their practical in the form of theory. There, the laws are formed to be followed and here just to read them. Especially, here the educated class is considering itself superior from all sorts of laws. The Asians and African migrants when enter America and pass through all necessary laws of citizenship, they feel pride on obtaining nationality and considering themselves as American nationals, and wi-th pride they live and die in the name of America. But it is very sad that the person who lives in Pakistan, getti-ng all the basic facilities, ha-rms Pakistan more brutally.

The rich and influential people are mainly dual nationality holders. They visit Pakistan according to their choice and when they want they spent Pakistani rupees for their conscious and their wishes. What is the main reason behind this chaos? There may some faults and illness, and for every disease and illness there must have some medicine and antidotes, and if illness and medicine exists, a physician must be present.

Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “God created treatment for every diseases and there is no such disease which have no treatment.” It is felt that there is some illness but the physician is not ready to treat and the medicine is also ready but there is must someone who wants the physician not to treat the disease with this very medicine.

We the Eastern humans, then Pakistani Muslims, then Pathan, then Punjabi and Sindhi, Balochi etc, our curriculum taught us the lesson of unity, faith and discipline. But our electronic media relating TV Channels and Social media display western movies and dramas. Our curriculum accentuates to follow eastern culture and traditions but against our wishes and wills we are being pushed towards western and European culture.

This war can be easily resolved by owning science and technology of developed countries and culture and traditions and family laws according to Islamic ways of lives. A famous Arabic proverb says, “Adopt the right one and overrule the bad thing.” Or we should follow the policies of great Chinese revolutionary leader Mao Zai Tung. Chairman Mao Zai Tung ordered to follow the communism on strict bases but also collect some lucre things from capitalism, to build a strong and brighter nation from the darkness of ignorance.Our leaders have paid no attention towards media, but the electronic media should be Pakistani, Islamic and Eastern to an extent, that a family collectively could watch a film or drama sitting aside. The TV and radio should be social to an extent that every Pakistani feels pride of it. It should be knowledgeable and informative that the contents of CSS, PMS and the students of higher education may love it, and helpful in their studies.

In fact 50 years ago the professors adviced his pupils to study the very first page of newspaper for the increase in day to day knowledge, national affairs, current affairs every day science. But now a day 90% of the newspapers is populated with terrorism, sectarianism, corruption, hate speeches, target killings, robbery, kidnapping, accidents and other contemporary social evils. Our TV channels proudly announce about successful raids. No doubt your channel is working effectively to help oppressed but your faith and intent is not pure but for the popularity, ranking and coverage of your channel.

But this bloody scene could be seen by millions of people and they face anxiety. A city with 2 million populations faces 15 to 20 accidents on daily basis from the last 50 years. That when you display those horrific bloody scenes on TV channels they spread anxiety throughout the city. This also harms the position of nuclear Islamic Pakistan throughout the globe. Through some advertisement you ensures the world that in Pakistan no one is safe and there is no chance of investment due to the widely use of explosives. They have no positive effects on the common citizens and children are now feeling fear from the TV screen. That is why the children and youngsters for entertainment searching social media as a reaction, and they are at the benthic of such a dangerous sea from where there is no way and chance to come back.

According to wise research approximately 3 million and 80 thousand people are using social media and the teens (12 to 13 years child) are using internet and social media at a rate of 7 to 8 hours per day.

According to international sources the learning and research of students has been greatly suffered due to the use of this social media, lack and distance from relationship, waste of time, scarcity in creative abilities , differentiation in kids and elders and the developed of illegal relations are the gifts and prizes of social media.  Your famous talk shows have no special message in scolding one another by the political bosses. Our talk shows on prime time, rather making concrete opinion further mislead its listeners. Freedom of media and its welfare is nothing but it has made the children and youngsters mentally sick and retarded their abilities.

Your programmes and activities have greatly shocked the image on globe and after that no foreigners would dare to invest in Pakistan. Although we accept the positive aspects and benefits of electronic, print and social media but the illegal and wrong use of such a powerful institute will destruct society. Is in Pakistan there any check and balance (rules and regulations) to control this unbridled horse?


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