Modi to discuss situation in Ukraine during European tour

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NEW DELHI (RIA Novosti): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his first foreign visit to Germany, Denmark and France, will discuss issues of trade, energy security, defense and Ukraine, said Vinay Kvatra, First Deputy Foreign Minister of India.
“Prime Minister Modi will exchange India ’s vie-ws on Ukraine during his visit to Germany, France and Denmark … As for India’s position on Ukraine, it has been clarified and detailed in numerous forums. We have always maintained that in Ukraine there must be a cessation of hostilities, and the path to a settlement lies through diplomacy and dialogue,” he said during a briefing.
The main purpose of Modi’s visit is to strengthen “the structuring and strengthening of bilateral partnerships across a range of areas” with key countries in Europe, Quatra said.
“India continues to strengthen its multi-dimensional and multi-faceted partnerships with key European countries. Visits to Germany, France, the second Nordic summit, as well as high-level meetings with Nordic leaders are a very clear manifestation of our commitment to building our partnership. builds on our existing relationship strengths, sets the agenda for months and years to come,” he said.
Defense and trade cooperation will also be in the spotlight, especially during Modi’s visit to Denmark and France, according to Quatra.
“Cooperation in the field of defense has an important place… we look at it from the point of view of joint development, joint design and joint production, which is essentially inextricably linked with the concept of a Self-Directed India, including in the defense field,” he added.
Also discussed during the trip will be the long-awaited free trade agreement between India and the EU, which was formally negotiated in 2007, and energy security issues.

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