Mohammad Nasir Akhund appointed Finance Minister

KABUL (ToloNews): Based on the decree of the Islamic Emirate’s leader, Mohammad Nasir Akhund has been appointed acting minister of Finance.

Ahmad Wali Haqmal, a spokesman for the Finance Ministry, said that Mohammad Nasir Akhund has good experience in finance and there will be a positive change in the country’s financial system.

“He has good experience in the financial sector, and with his appointment, positive steps will be taken in the financial affairs of Afghanistan,” said Ahmad Wali Haqmal.

“Mohammad Nasir Akhund was the deputy of the revenue and customs in the finance ministry before and now he is appointed as acting minister in this ministry, and the changes roles of an individual in a system and government is a normal thing,” said Bilal Karimi.

Before this, Hedayatullah Badri was the head of the Ministry of Finance for almost two years and after that he was appointed the head of Da Afghanistan Bank.