Mohaqiq blasts govt over appointments

KABUL (Agencies): Ware of upcoming poll’s transparency, Mohammad Mohaqiq has warned the Presidential Palace (ARG) against mass demonstrations if it continues appointing officials as its term has legally ended. He also reacted over “sexual charges”against Palace, asking the judicial organize for a serious and impartial probe.

“Ahundred ambassadors and 30 commanders were replaced in one day. These replacements pave the way for widespread frauds in the upcoming elections,” Mohaqiq told newsmen in Balkh province, describing recent replacements by President Ghani as electoral bribery.

“I had comprehensive discussions with the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad and Atta M. Noor, the Chief Executive of Jamiat-e Islami Party,” he said.

Referring to his talks about the presidential elections with ambassador Khalilzad, Mohaqeq termed continuation work of the National Unity Government’s (NUG) illegal.

Speaking about sexual bribery at ARG, he said: “This is an embarrassing issue, if such things happen in other states, the presidents and ministers of those states resign, but in Afghanistan, it seems that nothing has happened.” There have been previously allegations that Ghani’s administration was trading government positions for “sexual favors”. However, the AGO on Monday issued a summoning letter for Ghani’s ex-advisor, Habibullah Ahmadzai, who lacked evidence to substantiate his claims regarding the “sexual harassment” at Presidential Palace.

This comes as some political parties and presidential candidates had earlier warned of boycotting elections and staging protests if their demands regarding a transparent election weren’t met.