Mohaqiq and Dostum hold talks on Afghanistan affairs in Turkey

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The deputy chief executive and first vice president of the government of national unity met in Turkey to hold talks regarding the ongoing political, security, and other issues of the country.

The Office of the First Vice President in a statement said the meeting between Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq and General Abdul Rashid Dostum was held in Ankara city of Turkey.

The statement further added that the two sides discussed the current security situation of Afghanistan as well as the developments of the newly-formed political coalition.

Mohaqiq and Dostum also expressed concerns regarding the persistent security stalemate in Afghanistan and expressed their concerns in this regard besides holding talks on counter-terrorism fight and efforts to end the violence and maintain unity among the people, the statement added.

The meeting between Mohaqiq and Dostum was held at a time when the two top government leaders are under growing pressures with Mohaqiq facing criticisms regarding his endorsement of Afghan youths’ participation in Syria conflict while the controversial case of Dostum regarding the torture and abuse of his rival Ahamd Ishchi still remains unresolved.

The deputy chief executive of the unity government was spotted in a gathering of the Fatemiyoun brigade operating under the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to fight in Syria, a move which has further sparked concerns among the people regarding the fate of the Afghan youths who die and those returning to the country from the Syrian conflict.

Mohaqiq reportedly attended the gathering in Tehran to praise the youths and Fatemiyoun brigade for the turning the conflict in Syria into the favor of the regime in power led by Bashar Al-Assad.

He hailed the leader of Hezb-e-Ullah Hasan Nasrullha and the commander of the Fatemiyoun brigade for their recent victory in the war.