Moldova, new stop of EU-Russo tussle

Recently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the European leaders that his country has intercepted a plan by the Russian secret service to destroy Moldova, and Moldovan intelligence confirmed the claim. According to the details, the intercepted document revealed how Russian Intelligence planned to break the democracy of Moldoa and intended to establish control over Moldova in the coming months. Zelenskyy claimed that he informed the Moldovan President Maia Sandu and Moldovan Intelligence confirmed the alleged scheme.

The Republic of Moldova, a former Soviet Republic is currently experiencing political unrest and confrontation between pro-west democratic groups and a pro-Russia Political faction, while both warring blocs consistently back their front groups to ultimately install their henchmen in East European nation. Presently, Moldova is a strong candidate for NATO and the European Union (EU), while the Moldovan government is actively undertaking various legislations and other legal measures to urgently transformed its economy and social system according to the EU standard to join the 27-member bloc. Thus, Kremlin is utmostly frustrated over Moldova’s bid for the EU and North Atlantic Military Alliance and taking all-out measures to fail Chinisau in its plan.

Previously a pro-west politician Natalia Gavrilita gained a landslide victory in the 2021 Election on her anti-corruption and pro-west agenda. However, days after Zelenskyy echoed his concerns regarding Russia’s proposed plan for a regime change in neighboring Moldova, the pro-western Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita announced his resignation amid severe economic and energy crises along with a months-long diplomatic tussle with Moscow.

Natalia Gavrilita, 41 years old revolutionary leader contested the parliamentary election on an anti-corruption and pro-European manifesto, but she was struck by Moscow’s hostility in the shape of reduced energy supply, continuous diplomatic and military coercion of tiny democracy that caused great economic challenges for pro-west leader over the past 18 months, that not only failed Gavrilita in its anti-corruption and pro-western narrative but compelled her to step down abruptly after she snubbed Russian government over an airspace violation in recent days.

Although the Moldovan government vowed to carry forward its EU and NATO bids despite the resignation of its leader, however, the future events would illustrate the fate of the East European Nation.