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Powerful weapons, modern electronics and improved seaworthiness: details of the modernization of the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Chabanenko” have been revealed. After repairs, the veteran of the Northern Fleet will become a truly “universal fighter” and will be able to destroy any land and sea targets. Updates await other pennants of the same type.
More missiles
“Admiral Chabanenko” is the only representative of the improved project 1155.1. His older brothers – BOD type 1155 – were the most numerous Soviet ships of the first rank. The series turned out to be extremely successful: excellent driving performance, anti-submarine weapons, two Ka-27PL helicopters at once in deck hangars. Among the disadvantages: there is no anti-ship weapon and weak air defense. Now in the fleet there are seven such BODs – the main ships of the far sea zone.
BPK “Admiral Chabanenko” differs from its predecessors: more displacement, better hydroacoustics, there are anti-ship missiles “Moskit”, anti-torpedo protection complex RBU-12000 “Boa”, anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems (ZRAK) “Kortik”, anti-submarine complex “Vodopad-NK “. In 1999, when he joined the fleet, it was a powerful ship, capable not only of hunting enemy submarines, but also of striking surface targets.
However, in 2014, it was sent for repairs, which eventually grew into a deep modernization. According to a source in the defense industry, it is primarily about weapons. In particular, “Chaban-enko” will receive four quadruple rocket launchers “Uran” and a universal ship complex ZS14 with 16 cells for “Caliber”, “Onyx” and promising “Zircons”, which shoot much farther than “Mosquitoes” and more accurately.
In total, the updated BOD will be able to take on board 32 cruise missiles. This, of course, falls short of the American destroyers “Arleigh Burke”, which are similar to the “Chabanenko” in displacement, but significantly more than other pennants of the Northern Fleet.
As for the air defense system, instead of the outdated Kortik air defense missile systems, the Pantsir-M complex, the Shtil air defense system with 48 missiles ammunition, and the latest anti-submarine Answer with a firing range of up to 50 kilometers will be installed.
“Chabanenko” will be equipped with radar stations, electronic equipment, communications and combat control of the latest generation. The hull will also be patched up. The changes are so massive that the BOD will be retrained into a rank 1 frigate. Its return to the Northern Fleet is expected in late 2022 – early 2023.
New opportunities
The modernization program includes not only Chabanenko, but also Project 1155 ships. So, in April 2021, the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov arrived in the Pacific Fleet after a five-year repair. It replaced 80 percent of the cable routes, re-fabricated about 40 percent of the hull structures, installed the modern MR-760 Fregat-MA radar station and the 5P-30N2 Fregat-H2 information processing system. The ship was equipped with the R-779-28 communications complex, and the artillery fire is now controlled by the MP-123-02 / 3 “Bagheera” universal system.
It was decided not to dismantle four AK-630M anti-aircraft guns, two four-tube torpedo tubes and two RBU-6000 rocket launchers. The Kinzhal air defense missile systems also remained in the bow. Behind them, instead of the outdated AK-100, a 100-mm artillery mount A-190-01 was placed. Further – 16 cells for “Calibers”, “Onyxes” and “Zircons”. And on the sides of the superstructure, where the Rastrub-B complex was previously located, there are two 3S24s with four Uranium missiles in each.
The Pacific Fleet’s BOD “Admiral Vinogradov” will be armed even more impressively, the modernization of which was announced at the end of last year. The Dalzavod Ship Repair Center JSC specified that they will replace almost one hundred percent of the combat systems – except for the AK-630 gun mounts. The pennant will be equipped with the Kalibr-NK missile system and the Packet-NK anti-submarine missile system, and the hull and cable routes will be updated.
On board there will be not two, but four vertical launchers ZS14 with eight cells in each, not counting the four Uran missiles. So the Vinogradov will become the Russian Navy’s record holder in cruise missiles – up to 48 units. Like Admiral Chabanenko, it will receive a more powerful air defense system based on the Shtil air defense system. According to plans, the frigate will return to service in 2024.
Two more pennants of Project 1155 are also being modernized – “Admiral Tributs” (in service since 1985) and “Admiral Panteleev” (since 1991). Thus, in a relatively short time, the fleet will be seriously strengthened.
Most armed
BOD 1155 and 1155.1 are not the only Soviet-built ships that have been brought up to date. So, since 2013 at “Sevmash” the nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” of project 1144.2M “Orlan” has been modernized. This giant will be made the most heavily armed pennant of the Russian Navy with vertical launchers for “Caliber”, “Onyx” and “Zircon” for 80 cells. And the air defense will be replenished with the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system for 96 missiles.
The Kortik close-range air defense system will be replaced with Pantsir-M, the Osa-M anti-aircraft guns – with the new Redoubt, and the Packet-NK complex will protect the cruiser from torpedoes and submarines at short distances. Of course, it will not do without the most advanced electronics, which will increase the situational awareness of the crew and significantly expand the possibilities of using onboard weapons.
Nakhimov will be provided with advanced communication and navigation systems, electronic warfare systems, and an air group of three Ka-27M deck helicopters to search for submarines. Factory work should be completed in 2022-2023.

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