Moscow would regard nuclear attack on allies as attack on Russia

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Elena Teslova

MOSCOW: Russia said Thursday it will consider any nuclear aggression against it or its allies as a nuclear attack.

Addressing the Russian Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin said the response to such an attack will be immediate, adding that the country is capable to deter such a threat and possesses modern weapons.

To back his statement he showed off new models of Russian weapons.

Russia has developed a new generation of heavy intercontinental ballistic missile called Sarmat (Satan), which is hypersonic and equipped with penetration aid. This makes Sarmat invincible, Putin said.

He also spoke highly of cruise missile X-101, underwater UAV which exceeds the speed of submarines, and Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic system.

Putin said the new glider Avant-garde missile system hits targets like a meteorite with temperatures at its surface reaching 160-200 Celsius. He added that the models have been tested and were now being mass produced.

Putin added the new weapons did not violate any international agreement and were developed to maintain a balance of power in response to U.S. actions. (AA)


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