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Moscow tells CIA: “You will be surprised”

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MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the changes in the structure of the CIA, which include plans to closely monitor the actions of “aggressive Russia.”

CIA Director William Burns on Thursday announced the creation of a special center to counter global challenges from China, a new institution called the China Mission Center. At the same time, Burns separately emphasized that the threat comes from the Chinese government, and not from its people. The head of the CIA explained that the center is designed to provide a comprehensive response and to rally the work that his department is already doing against this “key rival.”

“In this progressive structure of the prime minister. Director of the Office W. J. Burns announced the creation of a separate unit – the Center of Operations for China. The head of the parliamentary intelligence committee A. Schiff commented fairly honestly on the personnel changes in the American espionage organization. a serious threat to the United States and to the future of democratic values. “It’s good, at least in the American Congress, these concepts are so clearly shared,” Zakharova said on Telegram.

“You will be surprised, but the CIA will fight the main geopolitical threat of the 21st century using the methods of the 20th century, namely, taking out its favorite from the museum storerooms – the stratagems of the Cold War times. Washington does not hide that in order to realize its” noble goal “the staff will be increased The CIA (more American spies – more freedom in the American way), and China has increased surveillance. Of course, they did not forget about us either – the release states separately that the actions of “aggressive Russia” will be closely monitored. We are mentioned together with terrorism, North Korea and Iran. The depth of the analysis does not allow one to plunge into it headlong,” the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added.

She pointed out that such changes in the structure of the department occur at a time when “the galloping growth of illegal migration, cross-border organized crime, pandemic-related challenges pose a real structural threat to the national security of the world, including America.” But this, according to a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, does not make the CIA want to intensify its efforts in these objectively difficult areas.

“Is it really that what is happening in the United States itself, the CIA is not at all interested? The other day, one American citizen told me how and who crosses the US border with Mexico, calmly legalizing in nearby states without a single (!) Document. What is the point of dealing with imaginary absolutely far-fetched threats allegedly emanating from Russia and China, which are located thousands of kilometers from the United States itself, when America, in principle, does not control the situation on its actual and not desired borders, when the crisis within the country surpasses everything that has been in American history since the Civil War” – concluded Zakharova.

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