Motorists call to expedite Kabul-Kandahar Highway repairs

Kandahar (TOLONews): Drivers on Kabul-Kandahar highway expressed concern about the delay in the restoration of this highway.
They noted that the reconstruction of this road has been repeatedly started and postponed over the course of the past year.
According to motorists, the lack of side roads on this route, as well as the halt in construction have caused difficulties for both vehicles and passengers.
“It has been three years since the restoration of this highway started; sometimes it starts and is delayed once more. A lot of time has passed, but it has not been finished,” said Besmillah, a traveler from the province of Maidan Wardak. “This is a big route and there is no side road either. People are facing many problems,” said Junidullah Omerzai, another passenger.
Drivers and passengers on this route urged the Islamic Emirate ro speed up repairs on the highway.
“Our cars sustain severe damage from Kabul to Kandahar due to the route breakdown. The reconstructing of this road should be handed over to a company that does this work regularly,” said Ahmadullah, a driver. The construction of the Kabul-Kandahar highway was delayed owing to the cold, according to Maidan Wardak provincial officials, who stated they are attempting to finish this year’s work on the route up to Ghazni province.
“Due to the weather, the work was put on hold. When the weather improved, we and the company continued our job,” said Shafiullah Ahmad, head of the department of public works of Maidan Wardak. “The head of public works has assured us that we will soon respond to the people’s wishes,” said Bakhtyar Maaz, the governor of Maidan Wardak. The restoration of the Kandahar-Kabul Maidan Wardak-Ghazni highway was begun by the Ministry of Public Works on Sunbola 25 (solar calendar) of last year, but it still has not been finished after nine months.