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MP’s brother accused of bullying in Takhar

TAKHAR (TOLOnews): Residents in Rustaq district in the northern province of Takhar accused armed men associated to the brother of an Afghan lawmaker of mistreating the local people in the area.

Rustaq residents said that illegal armed men associated to Sayed Reza, the brother of a lawmaker has beaten fifteen people in the area.

“The armed men are operating under Commander Khudaidad and they are being supported by Sayed Reza Yousufi the brother of the lawmaker, they are oppressing us, they steal our belongings, they steal our pistachios, we can’t work and move freely because of them,” said Samiullah, a resident in Takhar.

“They have beaten fifteen people in the area and took out their mobiles, bicycles and vehicles,” added Samiullah.

Meanwhile, some residents said that they had lodged complaints against the bullying of Reza, but no has responded to them.

“We are not concerned about the illegal armed men or the Taliban, but we have concerns about the illegal armed men within the system–they eat people’s food and act against them,” said Zabiullah Ibrahimi, a civil society activist in Takhar.

Local officials in Takhar have confirmed that complaints were lodged against Sayed Reza.

“The government has referred their complaints in accordance with the law to the security organs to address their problems,” said Mohammad Jawad Hejri, a spokesman for the Takhar governor.

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