MTI-KTH issues annual progressive report

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: The Medical Teaching Institute – Khyber Teaching Hospital (MTI- KTH) Peshawar has issued annual progressive report from January 1 to December 31, 2017.

Two new specialties have been functioned including Neurosurgery and Urology during this fiscal year. After establishment of these two new specialties the patient care as well as training of post graduate and under graduate improved and strengthen up to the mark and specially the shifting of Neurosurgery and Urology  patients from KTH to HMC and LRH has been stopped said the Spokesman of MTI- KTH.

MTI-KTH had a lot of influx of dengue patients from July to December 2017. Total 4857 dengue patients admitted in KTH so far in which 87115 cases have been screened free of cost for dengue out of which 18371 were positive.

MTI-KTH, Peshawar is a diversified hospital catering millions of patients annually not from Peshawar but all over the province, FATA and patients from Afghanistan as well.

There are about 35 different units with various specialties, 1300 bedded and 41 major operation rooms functional in this hospital, working round the clock providing Best Health Services to the patients.

The hospital received 541,074 patients by Accident and Emergency Department, 787,407 patients received in various OPDs, 96,640 patients admitted in various units, 33,126 major operations carried out in different OTs, 1,197,427 various investigations carried out in pathology department, 147,237 blood bags issued to various patients, 21,185 patient visited Physiotherapy Department,  105,757 different procedures carried out in different sections (EEG, ECG, Echo, ETT, and Audiology, Bronchoscopy (Chest), Lithotripsy, Eye, Dental, Endoscopy & Skin Procedure).

Similarly,17 Dialysis Machines are working 24/7 and a total of (14,793) Dialysis were carried out which is one of the highest figure in the province, 98,183 Ultrasound carried out in Radiology Department, 170,564 X-Rays, 15,301

CT Scan carried out in Radiology Department, 7,806 MRI Scan carried out in Radiology Department, Rs 209 millions free medicine provided to patients in the hospital.