Mujahidin to name candidate for presidential vote: CEO

Monitoring Desk

PARAKH: Chief Executive Officers Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday said mujahidin would nominate their candidate for next year’s presidential election.

Abdulla said this while addressing a gathering marking Mujahidin’s 26th Victory Day in Panjsher province. He asked the people to register as voters to be able to exercise voting their right.

He said it was the duty of all people to apply for identity cards, register as voters, cast their ballots and participate in parliamentary, district council and presidential polls.

The people would discharge their duty, the CEO hoped, saying the mujahidin would have a single candidate in the presidential elections scheduled for 2019.

“Mujahidin should name an independent candidate and the people should stand shoulder to shoulder with their nominees as they done in past elections,” he remarked.

At a similar gathering in Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani during announced the presidential election would be held next year.

On the occasion, Younis Qanuni, former vice-president, said: “Any delay in elections is unacceptable to the nation on any pretext. I hope irregularities seen in past elections will not recur.”

Without naming anyone, Qanuni accused some countries of seeking to influence the Afghan election process and paving the way for a delay to create the opportunity for middling.