Multi-drug resistant typhoid cases rising in Karachi

Multi-drug resistant typhoid cases rising in Karachi

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KARACHI: Eminent pediatrician, Prof Dr Jamal Raza has revealed that the multi-drug resistant typhoid (MDRT) cases are on the rise in Karachi as well as in Hyderabad city as thousands of children have been infected from the disease in Karachi so far.

Prof Jamal Raza, who is also President of Pakistan Pediatric Association, Sindh, while talking to PPI, said MDR typhoid outbreak had gripped parts of North Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and its adjoining areas.

He explained that 80 per cent of the total reported cases, affected children were of less than 10 years of age. He said this bacterial infection continued to infect children all over Karachi and other parts of province.

He explained that typhoid fever, which is considered predominantly a paediatric disease with almost 70 per cent of all culture-proven cases occurring in children, can, however, prove equally hazardous to adults as delayed diagnosis and inadequate treatment may lead to complications.

He said symptoms of MDRT such as fever, headaches, coughs, abdominal pain and malaise, among others, are similar to those of ordinary typhoid. He said treatment of MDR typhoid is very costly as compared to common typhoid as conventional medicines have failed to cure the disease.

“Thousands of people have been infected from typhoid in Karachi this year so far; out of them 40 per cent are MDRT cases. Children are more vulnerable to this bacterial infection,” he added. He said majority of MDRT cases surfaced in North Nazimabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and their adjoining areas.  Prof Raza said contaminated water and food mainly that is sold by street vendors under extremely unhygienic conditions are generally identified as common contributory factors causing the infection. He said there is no national and provincial level data of typhoid cases but incidence of ordinary and MDR typhoid are high in Sindh province.  He informed that eminent pediatricians had approached relevant department for vaccination of children in the high risk areas of Karachi and Hyderabad besides ensuring provision of clean potable water to residents of province.

He said a special vaccination campaign had also been planned that would be launched in high risk areas of province soon as prevention is better than cure.

He advised the citizens to consume boiled water, wash hands before eating, properly wash vegetables before making food, avoid ice creams & other street food items to prevent them from common and MDR typhoid.

Initially, MDRT cases were reported in some parts of Latifabad and Qasimabad talukas in Hyderabad but these cases are now being reported in Karachi.






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