Multiculturalism is booming in Pakistan

Ramsha Afridi

Many successful and fast growing western countries hold multicultural values, and now it seems that Pakistan is heading within the same direction.

The PTI government has been working hard on transforming Pakistan’s “soft power” through the slogan of “Naya Pakistan”, which ultimately means that the new government of Pakistan are encouraging a fresh, new and progressive image within the international world to attract an exchange of ideas and cultures. It already seems like our new government’s hard work has paid off and both Pakistani’s and non Pakistanis are accepting the exchange of cultural ideas than ever before. 

Let’s take a look at multiculturalism emerging rapidly within Pakistan and it’s media 

  • After Saudi prince’s visit to Pakistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia pledged to make stronger social and cultural ties. Soon after, it was announced by Minister Fawad Chaudhry that Pakistani dramas will now be aired in Saudi Arabia. 
  • With the inception of CPEC, China and Pakistan have encouraged Chinese television shows to be aired on our TV screens. Also student exchange programs have been developed for Chinese and Pakistan to further help understand the languages and cultures. 
  • @UKinPakistan is the official organisation created by The British High Commission in Islamabad, to promote a closer friendship with Britain and Pakistan. Most recently British Captain Samantha Daly visited Pakistan to become a part of Pakistan Military in 2019. Moreover, Tom Drew, a British High Commissioner in Pakistan encourages an open and strong bond between Pakistan and Britain. Drew, has promoted the restoration of British airways back to Pakistan and has encouraged trade and investment between the two nation-states. 
  • Shahid Afridi, Pakistan’s biggest cricket star, tweeted that he is a fan of the Turkish Dramas which now air our television screens. He tweeted: “Watching the Turkish series Diriliş: Ertuğrul I’m just overwhelmed by their achievements and victories that came as a result of their faith”.
  • Forbes, America’s major magazine proclaimed that Pakistan is one of the top ten destinations for foreigners to visit in 2019.
  • There are now various foreign youtubers and prominent public figures in the media, such as Eva Zu Beck, Cynthia D Ritchie, Rosie Gabrielle who are positively and passionately promoting the Pakistani image abroad. Most recently an American YouTuber with the name “College Free” who calls Pakistan his second home, rode in a rickshaw around Hyderabad and is learning to speak Urdu. 
  • The World Bank has noticed the emerging progress in Pakistan, and has encouraged Pakistanis to take part in an important debate known as “Pakistan at 100”, evaluating the progress of Pakistan when it reaches its 100th birthday. Multiculturalism was also an important aspect in the report, the following was stated; “Pakistan alone cannot achieve the suggested transformation. Other regional states are equally responsible for moving the connectivity agenda forward. The good news is that every South Asian country stands to gain tremendously from improved connectivity. And this reality hasn’t escaped the region’s policy circles”

Multiculturalism is valuable because it promotes acceptance, tolerance and diversity. 

There is evidently a strong exchange of cultural ideas taking place in Pakistan and multiculturalism is an extremely important aspect of a well functioning and successful society, especially if Pakistan needs to succeed in the international world. 

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