Muniba mazari or muniba Mazaries?

Arsalan Khan

Social media, electronic media and all debates regarding Covid-19 are underway .Whole world is passing through a very tense and test situation. Some people here call it biogenetical ,some call it American conspiracy and some chinese while religious misintrepretation is too repeating as usual. But in isolation and silence, some stories stand to a person parallel in rows. If anyone among us term this Covid-19 crisis as something from heaven or bioligical threat, then like many issues we have countless victims and voices in our surrounding which are knocking our doors and conscience since very long.

As the crisis was getting deteriorate, a tale was in the row to these crisis of a motivational speaker, Muniba Mazari. Of whom many things come to mind with deepness of feelings and roaring message of threat to humanity. For me, it is beyond a gender problem as i often talk or write about patriarchy, male dominancy and gender inequality, here i understand and found it above all technical approaches of feminists and activists striving for rights.

When she is sharing her story of car accident, which unfortunately occured because of sleeping of her husband while driving and for which Muniba paid and still paying. Then about her miserable health issues which led her for a permanent physical weakness. Now as a human being we can call all these accidental and unintentional or something from luck or God but humanity ashamed when she was segreggated and finally divorsed by her husband.

We may pretend to call it written of God but never a real test of God in such situation. She along with physical disasters confronted mental disasters. She is more keenly recalling the stress, she was getting one news after other of mental disasters rather than of physical, even her physical unrest was more deeper.

Analyising all these, it was not a car accident, it was an accident of conventional approaches of society and emotions of an innocent. In which status quo of typical society survived and cordial sentiments martyred. If somebody calls it divorse of Muniba Mazari, no, it is not divorse of these two but barbarism divorsed humanity blindly and brutally, intoxication of artificial world rejected tears and pain of an innocent. She is not disable, she is most special girl of world but yes we would concede it that humanity is moving through wheel chair and barbarism is running like deer.

We can’t refuse from her gender affiliation but these are all fixed norms those we had been set. When such situations come any one can go against his/her nearer. Subsequently everyone follows the specific perameters of society demands and self materials. Another angle of story is, by the time she was engaging for the will of parents, she was extending and commencing her feelings and future: attached to that person who was coming in her life.

She had never been informed of the fact that she is supposed to pay for the crimes and blunders which she had never committed. Naturally she got emotionally attached like an angel or like a sole soul and that attachments crushed with a single accident because world would expect she, to have babies and walking like normal human beings. The time she was marrying or engaging or committing: that was her emotional world and the time her husband abondoned was material world. So that was turn of her husband and he played same.

She is an Iron lady, having plenty of qualities and distinct personality. She speaks in a way that it reborn the sleeping and disappointed minds. She is a miracle who saves and gives a hope for life, success and understanding value of blessings we have. Yet,it is not enough to percieve only this from her story. If she is strong enough, vocal and eloquent with sweet voice, it does not mean to increase more beasts and such killers of emotions and feelings who can only make disables, separations and divorses.

“We have to adjust” does not mean to go for luxuries, opportunities and emotional diversions at the cost of someone sensitive feelings. Her inspiration is for victims and pessimists but not for black sheeps and perpetrators of such incidents. We must stay strong and opitimism is only option in our hand but it is not message for all. There are many Muniba Mazaries in our surroundings who still keep the unexpressable pains and tears. That real one Muniba Mazari broke bars and echoed across the length and width of world.

That pain and tears transformed into smile, hope, inspiration and expressions. So in a way, pain and misery of her channelised and positively exhausted and countless Mazaries reside more unbearable stories and are confined to walls and boundries of their minds and hearts. Pain and such miseries naturally need rational ways of channelising. If they do not get ,negative options come to hands of victim and depressed classs in difficult times. So to avoid tragedies, mishappenings and losses we should value each other life and feelings.

No doubt, she is an inspiration but for particular people who are spending same times like she experienced, not for majority of us who by any way repeat such mishappenings.

Tale of her is speaking truth of everyone in our surrounding. This should not only be confined to relation of husband and wife but all nearers and dearers in all circle should have more value than any materials of world. Value them all and don’t care materials because feelings are the most precious pearls of world while materials can be adjusted and compensated. Race of the world should not intrude our emotional life.