Mushaal deplores world’s silence over Indian govt rising fascism in IIOJK

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Mushaal Hussein Mullick Chairperson Peace & Culture Organisation deplored the world powers and UN bodies silence over the unabated and continued fascism and brutalities unleashed by the notorious Narendra Modi-led Indian government Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

Mushaal, a wife of jailed hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, in a statement on Saturday said that the world showed unity and joined hands against Russia for its invasion against Ukraine but observed criminal silence over Indian fascist government inhuman policies in the occupied valley.

She said that notorious regime usurped all basic rights including right to life of the people in the scenic valley but ironically the international community and so-called human right organisations were watching the situation as a silent spectator.

The chairperson condemned the lethargic and unconcerned attitude towards Kashmir region which was turned into a largest open prison in the world and biggest tortured cell in the world.

She recalled the senior hurriyat leaders including her husband incarcerated in fake and fabricated and politically motivated cases to defuse intensity of the freedom movement; however, all such brutal tactics proved otherwise.

The Chairperson stated that India was violating and trampling international laws and agreements by depriving the Kashmiris of their fundamental rights, as the occupied forces turned the valley into a living hell for its inhabitants.

She went on to say that the Indian troops were committing the killings, arrests, torture, destruction of properties, molestation of women and other heinous crimes in the garb of so-called cordon and search operations with impunity.

She said that Modi regime’s August 5, 2019 illegal and unilateral actions can’t change the internationally recognized status of Kashmir and the Kashmiri people would not rest until liberate the occupied valley from the illegal and unlawful occupation of the Indian forces.

Mushaal urged world to wake up of the sweep slumber and resolve the issue of Kashmir as per with wishes and aspirations of the people of the valley. (NNI)