Mushaal laments world silence over Indian regime’s barbarism, cruelty in IIOJK

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organization, Mushaal Hussein Mullick lashed out at the Hindutva fascist regime for unleashing a wave of terrorism and the world’s worst human rights violations in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and vowed that brave Kashmir would break the shackles of Indian slavery at all costs.

Speaking at a seminar titled Humanitarian Tragedies in OIC geography, which was attended by the Ambassador of Azerbaijan as a chief guest, Mushaal thanked Azerbaijan for its continued and unwavering support of Kashmir’s freedom fight against Indian unlawful subjugation, said a press release. Mushaal, the wife of incarcerated Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, stated that the people and government of Azerbaijan also supported and backed the Kashmiri people in their just fight for the right to self-determination.

She stated that the people of the occupied valley always reciprocated in the same fashion and strongly condemned Armenian armed forces’ aggression against Azerbaijan and especially the tragic Khojaly genocide, which was one of the bloodiest pages of the policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide carried out by Armenian nationalists against Azerbaijanis.

The Hurriyat leader stated that like Armenian forces, the fascist Indian forces continued with their brutal police of mass murder and slaughtering of the civilian Kashmiri population with unprecedented cruelty. Mushaal stated that the supremacist Indian forces made life hell for Kashmiri people, as they crossed all limits of barbarism and inhuman acts; however, she added that ironically the human rights organisations and world powers adopted a callous approach toward the brewing human crisis in the IIOJK and did not take any action against Hindutva regime.

The Chairperson stated that inhuman forces neither spared Kashmiri leaders nor women and children, as they subjected to brutality all and sundry with their planned nefarious plan to spread fear in the valley to silence the dissenting voices but no such policy of barbarity worked rather it further fanned the fire.

She urged the Muslim world especially the OIC to play a proactive role to resolve the Kashmir dispute as per the aspirations of the people of the valley.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan said that Azerbaijan fully supported and backed the Kashmir right to self-determination.

The ambassador said that the government of Azerbaijan strongly condemned the Indian forces’ continued brutalities and terrorism unleashed in the occupied valley.
The Ambassador of Azerbaijan urged the need for a resolution of the Kashmir conflict as per the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

On the occasion, a souvenir was also presented to the chief guest. (APP)