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Musharraf will never come back: Safdar

F.P. Report

Islamabad: PML-N leader Captain (Retd) Mohammad Safdar has said that Pervez Musharraf is a coward person and he will never come back.

Talking to journalists in Accountability Court Captain (R) Safdar  said if a programme is chalked out to bring him back then a new law of necessity will emerge. He further said that first of all the constitution had been violated and now is playing. He said first of all Musharraf will not return if comes then a law of necessity will emerge. He further warned those people that do not play with the constitution that Musharraf had to face the court for November 3 steps of violating  the constitution. Captain (R) Safdar added that he is afraid of coming in of any new law of necessity, PCO or LFO.

Captain (Rtd) Safdar said that whatever is briefed to the prosecution at night they in the morning make a statement. Captain (Rtd) Safdar further said that his case is with the privilege committee and how Wajid Zia can make mockery of a respectable member of Assembly and Wazjid Zia is supposed to proof his assertions in the privilege committee of the next assembly.

He said on July 25 there will be Eid-u-l Fitar when they will come out to change the system. He added that Quaid-Azam had made Pakistan independent and they will make the system free and independent.






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