Mushkpuri trip

Tourism industry is a prospering industry that enriches knowledge, boosts social development and economic growth. In modern era, it is a fast growing area in Pakistan.

The current government has also added tourism into priority list. But there are lots of problems faced by tourists during their tour.

Yesterday, we visited Mushkpuri, the 2nd highest peak of Abbottabad, KP. Road from Islamabad to Nathia Gali was good but we faced many other problems such as lack of communication services, lack of health care facilities, heavy rush on the trail to Mushkpuri hill top, lack of ATM facility, poor facilities at restaurants, having no public toilets which causes pollution.

While climbing to the top of Mushkpuri, we observed that the trail was not properly maintained. When we reached the top it was raining. But there were no facilities for tourist. The harsh weather hit us hard. Especially the females faced the terrible things in that cold weather. The mobile signals were dropped on the trail which troubled us. While coming down we realised that the trail was too slippery due to rain that many tourists fell down and got minor injuries.

When we came to the only dispensary it was shut down. We enquired about ATM facility, even that was not available. There was only one toilet in a restaurant and both men and women had to use it.

Such cases were being reported in Murree which resulted into severe crisis in Murree. Lack of facilities in tourist sights may effect this industry and national economy.

The tourism department must identify such problems and their intensity. The local administration, restaurants service providers must address issues with service mind. This will not only motivate the locals but foreigners also, to undertake frequent tours. The current government must take measures to address such issues so that it can contribute to national economic development.

Shah Fahad