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Mushtaq Majrooh remembered
as an epitome of literary truth

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PESHAWAR: Poets and writers paid rich tribute to renowned Pashto, research scholar, critic and linguist Mushtaq Majrooh here on Friday at government college Peshawar main hall.
Literati, intellectuals and fans of the late writer from across the province attended the event. Mushtaq Majrooh had died of covid-19 last year at the age of 65 in a Peshawar hospital.
Speakers while throwing light on life and services of the writer said that Mushtaq Majrooh had contributed to radio, TV and newspapers and literary magazines and had pended down more than two dozen books and over 50 research papers on different aspects of Pashto language and literature. THe event was arranged under the auspices of a literary organization ‘ Sahu Leekunko Adabi Maraka’.
Prof Dr Yar Mohammad Maghmoom Khattak was the chief guest while Prof Dr Tajuddin Tajwar chaired the event. He while addressing pointed out that scholars like Mushtaq Majrooh would take long to be born saying his forte was mastery over classical text and literature and linguistics.
Speakers while shedding light on various aspects of the late scholar said that Mushtaq Majrooh was a true follower of his mentor Qalandar Momand adding that he had enriched Pashto language and literature and few of his publications were being taught at college and university levels in Afghanistan, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Majrooh was a versatile writer having mastery over Urdu, Persian and Arabic and therefore had groomed up many budding poets, critics and research scholars. His contributions to almost every literary genre of Pashto was both huge and substantive and should be preserved and propagated, speakers said.
Zalan Momand, secretary general of Sahu Leekunkio Adabi Maraka thanked the participants and pledged literary works of Mushtaq Majrooh would be published.
Addressing as chief guest, senior writer, Prof Yar Mohammad Maghmoom Khattak said that Mushtaq Majrooh was a research scholar and devoted teacher par excellence as he had instilled the spirit of research beyond personal prejudice among the young Pashto writers and always remained committed to genuine scholarship.
Zalan Momand, secretary general of Sahu Leenkunkio Adabi Maraka on the occasion said that Mushtaq Majrooh had equated Pashto language with other modern lingos through his quality works and contributed research papers on Khushal Khan Khattak and several other classical poets and writers. Mushtaq Majrooh had mastery over Urdu, Persian, Arabic and classical manuscripts, he said.
“Some of his books have been included in Pashto syllabus being taught at College and University levels. His major works include literary terms in Pashto, Research treaty on Khushal Khan Khattak and literary appreciation of Qalandar Momand’s poems,” he stated.
Touqeer Ahmad, son of Mr.Majrooh said that his father had contributed to several branches of Pashto literature including prose, poetry, criticism, historiography, satire, essay writing, humour, research methodology, dictionary, phonology, grammar, syntax and some of his publications could not see light of the day in his life time, Stated Abid Ghazi, a young writer.
Prof Tajuddin Tajwar, Urdu writer, Principal Govt College Peshawar said that the late writer had contributed over 50 research papers on variety of topics besides having authored more than two dozen published and unprinted books. Also he had researched, authored and edited Pashto textbooks for school and college grades, he said.
Some poets presented poetic tribute to the late scholar. Prof Zubair Hasart, Neeroz Qais, Faizul Wahab, and Prof Mohib Wazir also spoke at the event.

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