Muttaqi: World will eventually recognize the Islamic Emirate

KABUL (TOLONews): Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi appeared optimistic about the recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the international community.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the police officers in the western province of Herat, Muttaqi said the situation will get better, but the new recruits must work hard to keep the support of the people.
“Eventually the world will reach a point and recognize (the Islamic Emirate) and will engage with you and will travel but if you stay as disciplined as you are now and the people support you as they do now,” he said.
More than 500 police officers graduated after receiving short-term training in Herat.
“The world is surprised at how an army or police who were in the frontline against the invaders over the past 20 years are now active in the cities and are formed like a proper army,” Muttaqi said.
The graduates are expected to be deployed in the western provinces of Farah, Herat and Ghor.
“We assure you that all the forces will be provided with disciplined uniforms and will take responsibility with a proper uniform in the cities,” said Mohammad Ismail Hedayat, commander of the police training center in the western zone of Afghanistan.
“When the people can recognize military and non-military people, the rate of kidnapping and robbery will drop and those who misuse it will be recognized,” said Abdullah, a police officer. Muttaqi also urged the newly graduated officers to treat the people with good manners.