My dear Prime Minister

My dear Mr. Prime Minister. I would like to draw your attention towards the inactivity and mismanagement in the Pakistan Citizens Portal. If it it fails in its initial stages, it will erode the confidence of the public in your promise of a new Pakistan and delivery of justice.

1. I am an expat Pakistani, living and working abroad for more than a decade. In November 2018 my wife was unnecessarily troubled and mistreated by one of the famous bank’s staff. Having no customer protection in our country and nowhere to go to register our humiliation we had no option to surrender to such treatment and stay quiet.

Nevertheless, when the Pakistan Citizen’s portal was launched we were very happy that we will be able to redress our grievance through it. It is heart breaking to say, that despite the complaint registered for more than two months no action has been taken and nobody even bothered to contact us.

2. I invested my life time hard-earned savings in a housing society in Lahore. They defrauded me and despite a long wait and promises they did not start the development work. We the expats live and work abroad to earn for a safe life in our country. At the end of the day these people rob us of our life’s savings. The interesting part in the whole story is my registration of complaint at the Pakistan Citizens Portal.

The next date when I opened the portal it showed the status “Complaint Resolved”. An astonishment indeed. When I tried to submit the feedback, each time I tried the system said server is not responding. Starting a good task is not as difficult as monitoring and maintaining it. I am afraid if such practice continues, it will bring a bad name to the system owners. After my retirement, I am coming back to Pakistan at the end of this month. My contacts are available in my message/with the newspaper.

Mian Amir Hakim


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