Myanmar soldiers systematically gang-raped Rohingya women: UN

Monitoring Desk

DHAKA: A special envoy of United Nation told to media persons that Rohingya women were targeted for gang rape by Myanmar soldiers after they started systematically violence against the minority Muslim community which triggered migration to Bangladesh.

Pramila Patten, a special envoy of UN on sexual violence in conflict areas, said this after visiting refugee’s camps of Rohingya Muslims at Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh where more than 610,000 were living from the past ten weeks.

She added that soldiers targeted the Rohingya women systematically for gang rape and many of these atrocities could be crimes against humanity. Some of the stories are so horrific stories of rape and gang-rape, in which many of the women and girls who died as a result of the rape, she added.

Patten added that the sexual violence and planned gang rape is a key reason behind the exodus and occurred in the context of “collective persecution” of the Rohingya and as per the UN more than one million Rohingya people were living in the Rakhine state of Myanmar and now they fled to Bangladesh after the army initiated ethnic cleansing operation against them.



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