Myths about Breast Cancer

October is celebrated as breast cancer awareness month across the globe. Unfortunately, in our society there are lots of superstitions about this disease which are aiding in increased death ratio. Since, breast cancer is the only type of cancer which can be easily detected at early stage; there is dire need of increased awareness to save precious lives.

The common misconception about breast cancer, is considering it as an infectious disease which is totally wrong.

This concept adds more difficulties in the lives of breast cancer patients. In some cases it is observed that due to these misconceptions the women left alone by their families in their time if utmost need.

Even sometime patient women are divorced by their husbands.  Another erroneous concept about this disease is considering it a curse of God due to sins of the affected women. This concept force women to hide their illness.

Due to such wrong perceptions about breast cancer in our society, majority of the cases reported on later stages. It is pertinent to mention that, in case of early detection, chances of survival I is more than 90%. To highlight the importance of early detection and to address the wrong concept about this ailment, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) annually does an extensive awareness campaign throughout the country. This year too, the Hospital is doing great job in this regard. It would be great if more public and private institutes come forward and play their effective part in making this campaign more successful.

Dr. Isma Muneer