NAB chief directs to take mega corruption cases to ‘logical conclusion’

ISLAMABAD (APP): National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (r) Javed Iqbal has instructed the department to pursue logical conclusion of at least 179 mega corruption references filed with the bureau citing huge debts that Pakistan owes to world organisations ranging upto some USD84billion.

The NAB chief has said that the officials must pursue cases against the alleged criminals without worrying about external pressures and influences aiming to hinder the proceedings. Justice (r) Iqbal said that some 96 mega corruption references were forwarded to courts, 25 are under probes and officials are investigating another 25 references.

He said that Pakistan is in debt of at least USD84billion and that those who have pocketed funds and resorted to graft would be brought to life.

He vowed that the accountability bureau would recover the ‘looted’ money and return to the national treasury. The chairman directed NAB authorities to take notice of the allegations of a private housing society’s president leveled against the department.

However, Justice (r) Iqbal asserted that stern action would be taken against any official who is found guilty of corruption. The most recent political shake-up that Pakistan has underwent over corruption is the verdict of the apex court on July 28th that disqualified Nawaz Sharif as the premier of Pakistan.

Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) ordered NAB to pursue three corruption references against Sharif and others against finance minister Ishaq Dar and then premier s children and son-in-law. The former first family of Pakistan is appearing for case hearings in accountability courts since then.